What will happen if we do not change fuel filter periodically?

1. What is fuel filter?

Fuel filter is a filter placed in the fuel line that cleans dirt out of the fuel, mostly made into cartridges containing a filter paper. They are found in most internal combustion engines.

2. How does fuel filter work?

The task of the fuel filter is to catch any giant foreign particles in the gasoline and prevent them to get into the engine. Due to the differences in the gasoline delivery systems every fuel filter will be different.

3. What will happen if we do not change a fuel filter?

3-1. Vehicle will not start.

3-2. Vehicle loss power

3-3. Fuel supply system does not work well

3-4. Engine overheat

3-5. Increase fuel consumption

4. How often should I change the fuel filter?

Normally we suggest to change the fuel filter from 3km to 5km.

5. What car parts will be influences  if I do not change fuel filter periodically?

3-1-1. Engine light on

3-1-2. Piston run out

3-1-3. The cooling system overheated

3-1-4. Catalytic converter damaged


To extend car longevity, we suggest to change your fuel filter periodically.

Reduce cost and increase longevity!